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Rent an E-Chopper

Rent an E-Chopper

Discover Sneek and its surroundings in a cool, environmentally friendly way by renting an E-Chopper. Tour a wonderful piece through the beautiful surroundings and be surprised by all the beauty that Sneek and the surrounding area has to offer! The E-chopper is 100% electric and environmentally friendly. Because the E-Chopper goes 25 kilometers per hour, there is no helmet requirement. You can drive the E-Chopper with a car or scooter driving license.


Discover Sneek and the surrounding area in a cool way, the e-chopper accelerates smoothly and has a range of no less than 50 kilometers. This way you can make a beautiful tour through the beautiful surroundings of Sneek.

The E-chopper has a low entry and is therefore suitable for everyone, young and old!

Would you like to rent an E-chopper? Then you must be in possession of a scooter or car driving license.

The E-Chopper can be rented for: € 42.50 for 3 hours € 65 for a whole day

  • Do you have a Valk account? Then you will receive a 5 euro discount!
  • Are you not staying with us at the hotel? Then we ask for a deposit of € 100 per E-chopper or credit card details as a guarantee.
  • The E-Choppers can only be booked by phone or mail.

Questions or do you want to book directly? Please contact our reception by mail: or by telephone on: 0515 - 481 818