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Meet the Fountains!

Meet the Fountains!

11 fountains, 11 world-class artists

The participating artists come from 11 different countries, all of whom belong to the top segment in the international art world. 11fountains is one of the most important art projects of Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018: European Capital of Culture. In all 11 Frisian Eleven Cities, a fountain has been created in the middle of the city that matches the character of the city itself. Discover all fountains by following the route, an absolute must when you are in Friesland!

The Fountain of Fortuna - Sneek
Stephan Balkenhol

On a golden sphere in the middle of the water is a man with a Horn of Plenty. The statue refers to Fortuna, the goddess of fortune and the patroness of cities, families and peoples. The overflowing horn symbolizes the material well-being of the lucky one who comes into contact with it. But the golden sphere is constantly rotating on its axis, so that the water, like the influx of fortune, becomes an incalculable force. The abundance that happens to pour out upon us can just as quickly be taken away from us by fate. Just look at the history of Sneek. (source: https: //