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Located at the Rasterhoff Park

Hotel Sneek is located at the Burgemeester Rasterhoff park. When you walk out of our hotel, you can immediately enjoy this beautiful, special park.

The Burgemeester Rasterhoffpark or Rasterhoffpark for short is a nature park in the south of the city of Sneek. The park is the largest park in the city of Sneek.

Paths, bridges and a large platform have been installed, and there are various play facilities and a gnome path. In the forest are small lakes around which the forest runs beautifully. You can walk around it beautifully or have a lovely picnic. Scottish highlanders and deer roam freely in this area. A walk through the woods, moors or up the hill to enjoy the view. It is all possible.

The nature reserve was created by the amalgamation of the Stadsbos, which was built in the eighties of the twentieth century, and the new layout of the former household waste dump and an old sand quarry. The north and east boundary of the park is formed by the A7, to the south by the Witte and Zwarte Brekken and to the west by the Woudvaart.



from the woods, the heath and the water!