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The Sneekweek is an annual sailing event organized by the Koninklijke Watersportvereniging Sneek. During this week there are sailing competitions every day on the Sneekermeer and the Goƫngarijpsterpoelen. There are also festive activities in the city center, such as a naval review and a fair. The Sneekweek takes place every year at the beginning of August.


After the French period, in 1814 a sailing trip to Joure was held when it became known that the Sneeker Jacob Sjoukes Visser had deserted from the French military service and had arrived safely in Joure. This was popular and sailing competitions were held every year. This grew into the Sneker Hardzeildag. Sailing competitions were also held around this day and in 1935 the first weekly Sneekweek was organized. The 75th edition took place in 2010. Queen Beatrix was also present with the Groene Draeck.

Nowadays, the Sneekweek is the largest event on the inland waters of Europe and starts on the Friday before the first Saturday of August with a fleet review (a show with hundreds of boats and fireworks). The Sneekweek lasts up to and including the Thursday after. Wednesday is known as Hardzeildag, the penultimate race day, on that day there is also a big fair in the city. During the Sneekweek there is a large music festival throughout the center, with stages on the Marktstraat, the Wijde Noorderhorne, the Vismarktplein, the Wip and of course on the Starteiland. Sunday is shopping Sunday in the center. The Friday after the Sneekweek is the art and book market on the Grootzand.

Hard sail day
The hard sail day in the Sneekweek falls every year on the Wednesday after the first Friday of August and has its origin from the so-called Admiraalzeilen, competitions that were dedicated to the Oranjestad-owner. Due to the arrival of the French at the end of the 17th century these traditions were interrupted. On the Hardzeildag there is, among other things, the Friesland - Holland race in which the Frisians compete against the Dutch. Nowadays, a fair is also held in the center of Sneek, supplemented by all the events surrounding the Sneekweek.